Can I Work from Home with No High School Diploma?

With the birth of the internet came a new breed of work-at-home jobs. What was once limited to stuffing envelopes, running a daycare, selling specialty goods, and writing freelance articles for print magazines broadened into several new opportunities.


The most common work-at-home positions are those of telemarketing or customer service. However, most of the legitimate opportunities are through real companies that require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED, as do most jobs at brick-and-mortar businesses.


However, do not be discouraged by the fact that traditional businesses with actual commercial addresses require a diploma in order for you to work from home. You can still make money from home online without a high school diploma. A few fields in particular are less concerned with provable education and more concerned with the quality of work produced.


One such field is writing, which can cover anything from running your own blog to writing product reviews and descriptions to creating website content. Certainly an education in English is a plus for such work, but companies who hire freelance writers seldom ask their freelancers if they possess an actual diploma.


Another field for which documented education is rarely necessary is that of web/graphic design. There are many self-taught designers who are quite successful, fetching an average of $500 minimum per project. However, be warned that because of the high demand, excellent pay, and ease of access to information, this is a highly competitive field.


Of course, with the onset of the internet, the staple work-at-home jobs did not disappear. Instead they became more accessible. You can easily find companies willing to pay you to stuff envelopes or sell specialty merchandise, such as jewelry, cosmetics, diet aids, or health supplements, often with the help of company-hosted websites.


Beware, however, that these types of work-at-home offerings are the most frequently used scams. Avoid companies that ask for high initial investments, are not clear about the type of work or strategies before you invest, or promise unrealistically high returns.


For people who do not possess a diploma/GED and do not wish to work set hours or for a boss, another option is merchandising and/or mystery shopping. While it isn’t always done from home (though some mystery shopping can be as simple as making phone calls and recording data), the jobs are typically found, schedules arranged, training received, and hours reported all online.


Merchandisers and shoppers generally work as independent contractors and are their own boss with the ability to accept or decline work as it is offered. This line of work will, of course, be most beneficial to those who live in or very near to large cities. Although a growing number of companies are beginning to require a diploma/GED, this field is still a viable option for those who do not have a high school diploma.


In short, if you have enough ambition to teach yourself the necessary skills and to compete in a highly desired job market, you can find work from home even without a high school diploma. Many cyber entrepreneurs began this way and have been extremely successful. You can too! O ya one more thing why dont you try to start your own Computer Online Support Company? Yes It can be done just set your mind to it!

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